• Zuku Triple Play

    Zuku offers you fast unlimited residential internet of upto 60Mbps, free digital TV and phone services all bundled into one, Zuku FIBRE at great value. You also get to enjoy free WI-FI in selected areas.

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  • Special Hosting Packages

    We offer linux web hosting plans that are suitable for all types of website. All hosting plans come with CPanel for you to manage your account and webmail for your company to create professional email addresses. The packages have powerful features and guarantees 99.99% uptime reliability.

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You have entered Fedock Website

Solving IT related issues in East and Central Africa.

Delivering Unique Service

A strong management team with resourceful exposure in Information Technology industry and equipped with different skills...

Why choose Fedock Technologies

We carefully assess the need of a client before offering any solution. These helps us give the best value to our clients ...

Products sold at our Company

Our products range from Software, Hardware and Website technology (web-design, hosting etc.). We also offer computer maintenance services.

Our Development Solutions

Several websites are out there, created by professionals, but it is not only enough to have a website and assume it will be productive. Allow our SEO expert to push your site to the top of search engines and there by increase your conversion rate online.


About Us

Fedock Technologies is an ICT company that has been in existence from the year 2011. As a company we provide high quality Information Technology solution and support to various companies in the country. We are focused on competitive, innovative and latest solutions in Information Technology sector. Fedock Technologies has also partnered with Wananchi Group and has established itself as a major reseller. We can also give your organization a professional look on the outside world (online presence), registering a unique domain name that will enable your organization have email accounts baring company name and nice interractive website.